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Need examples of Win console apps that yield useful data

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So, for the last few weeks I've been writing a book (via my private DokuWiki and simultaneously in .epub and .prc formats) about some of the things I've learned to do with C# over the last decade. I'm at a place in the book where I show how to capture output from some other process that is initiated by my C# app. I'm looking for a couple of Windows command-line programs that are complex enough to yield data not just-as-easily-derived by the calling application. It's okay if the C# app needs to do some string parsing, etc., with the returned data. I'm just wanting to give a good example of not re-inventing the wheel.

For my NANY 2015 entry SedTester I found these resources/examples:
That's what I based my call-out to sed.exe on. That piece of code is quite specific (and poorly documented ;D), so I hope this enough for now.

Thanks, Ath! Appreciate it.

I havent checked out the link from Ath, when using Delphi to capture console, we work with pipes.
I show you how i do it that the output do not lag / it display everything like console would display it, and not just the final result.
FYI: In Delphi, a TMemo is a control that can contain Text.

--- Code: Delphi ---procedure CaptureConsoleOutput(const ACommand, AParameters: String; AMemo: TMemo); const   CReadBuffer = 2400; var   saSecurity: TSecurityAttributes;   hRead: THandle;   hWrite: THandle;   suiStartup: TStartupInfo;   piProcess: TProcessInformation;   pBuffer: array[0..CReadBuffer] of Char;   dRead: DWord;   dRunning: DWord; begin   saSecurity.nLength := SizeOf(TSecurityAttributes);   saSecurity.bInheritHandle := True;     saSecurity.lpSecurityDescriptor := nil;     if CreatePipe(hRead, hWrite, @saSecurity, 0) then   begin         FillChar(suiStartup, SizeOf(TStartupInfo), #0);     suiStartup.cb := SizeOf(TStartupInfo);     suiStartup.hStdInput := hRead;     suiStartup.hStdOutput := hWrite;     suiStartup.hStdError := hWrite;     suiStartup.dwFlags := STARTF_USESTDHANDLES or STARTF_USESHOWWINDOW;         suiStartup.wShowWindow := SW_HIDE;       if CreateProcess(nil, PChar(ACommand + ' ' + AParameters), @saSecurity,       @saSecurity, True, NORMAL_PRIORITY_CLASS, nil, nil, suiStartup, piProcess)       then     begin       repeat         dRunning  := WaitForSingleObject(piProcess.hProcess, 100);                 Application.ProcessMessages();          repeat           dRead := 0;           ReadFile(hRead, pBuffer[0], CReadBuffer, dRead, nil);                     pBuffer[dRead] := #0;             OemToAnsi(pBuffer, pBuffer);           AMemo.Lines.Add(String(pBuffer));         until (dRead < CReadBuffer);             until (dRunning <> WAIT_TIMEOUT);       CloseHandle(piProcess.hProcess);       CloseHandle(piProcess.hThread);         end;       CloseHandle(hRead);     CloseHandle(hWrite);   end;end;I hope it helps.

Thanks, KodeZwerg.

I've got a pretty decent grasp of the code. What I'm looking for are examples of Windows CLI programs whose output it could be useful to capture from within another program.


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