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2018-08-31 - Hiring UX Designers 2018


I posted this on the off-chance that it might be of interest to some DC developers or others they may know: (pass it on)
(Copied below sans embedded hyperlinks/images.)
Hiring UX Designers 2018
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Glen Lipka
I am settling into my new position at Treasure Data. The people have been great. Currently, I have one immediate open head count, plus more coming soon. If you are interested in working with me, please let me know via LinkedIn. Here are some good things to know:

We are going to use Figma, although FramerX looks intriguing
Treasure Data is a B2B application, not a mobile game
These are my informal levels for designers
These are some of my previous design principles
We love people who are curious, engaged, and creative
Junior, mid-level, senior are all possible
Speaking Japanese is actually a cool bonus
We are in Mountain View, CA – Remote is possible, but you have to be great
Spectacular benefits package
There is a cute, friendly dog in the office
Ten seems like a nice round number, right?

What else can I tell you about me or the company? The team is small now, but will grow pretty significantly in the coming 2 years. Ask me anything.

If you know someone you respect, please pass this along.

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