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capture two screens in one

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HJi, do you know somone, if i can capture two screens in one file and how can i do this?

You should grab the entire Workspace (Check your settings for the hotkey assigned to that, here it's Ctrl-PrtScr).
If you have more than 2 monitors connected to your system, edit away the parts you don't want to keep.

maybe i didnt describe very well my quenstion. I capture one photo in the left side of product and after that i will capture another photo. after that i will save these two photo in one file. Please see the attach files [ Invalid Attachment ][ Invalid Attachment ]
i want two these files to make one

In screenshot captor, just select the first image.
Then click and drag the second image from the thumbnail panel on top of the first image.
Screenshot Captor will then ask you what you want to do.  Choose to combine images side by side. Done!

Just worked, thanks a  lot for help


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