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Gridinsoft Antimalware's reputation?

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I've run a scan with Gridinsoft Antimalware on my laptop and of 100,339 files, it's showing 3,074 "threats" and 3 PUPs. However, the result of a scan via AntiMalwareBytes Premium 3.5.1 indicates zero threats.

Also, anyone else use 3uTools on Windows to manage iPhone storage? ClamWin thinks it contains a worm and a trojan agent.

Good Anti-malware checkers/removers are:
- JRT (also known as Junkware Removal Tool)
- RKill
- ADWCleaner

All these tools are available through site:

Never heard of Gridinsoft...and I'm too lazy to google for that name. Software companies I have never heard of, especially regarding anti-malware or anti-virus software, I don't trust too much. Now that is not to say this company isn't legit. Just that it hasn't earned my trust.

The tools mentioned in this post and the website itself, they have earned my trust.

Thanks, Shades. I'll check out that link...

When I use Jotti to scan for viruses, Clam AV is almost invariably the one which gives a false positive.

In fact, I just randomly grabbed a known-clean file on my PC and scanned it with Jotti while I was typing that first sentence, and the results came back with Clam AV as the only one saying there's a problem:

^ Yeah, I've always thought ClamWin was a bit over-eager. It identified Macrium Reflect as malware ;)


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