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Extension Filtering still shows folders


In "Options -> Lists -> Search Folders" I added a folder and selected an extension under the "Optional file extension restrictions".
Still, if I search for a specific keyword, the folders with said keyword are still shown in the result window.
I just want to see files, not folders.

Any idea how to make this work?

Thank you

Extension Filtering still shows folders
Extension Filtering still shows folders

I don't think you can exclude subfolders in the "Search Folders" settings window.

You can do it with a custom search folder and an Alias though. Here is an example

1. create a Search folder.
Directory path:  C:\folder\this
optional file extension restrictions:  sln
optional modifier keyword: my_search_no_folders

2. go to options > alias and create a new Alias.
Alias: my custom search
regular expression: ^(?:m|my) (..*)
results: dosearch -alias +my_search_no_folders $$1 -\

After that you can type m xyz or my xyz into FARR and the results will be a list of files with the string xyz in the name and the extension .sln and that reside in the folder C:\folder\this or its subfolders. The results will not list any folders.


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