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Polywick Story Server

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What is Story Server?
Polywick Story Server is an organizer which uses a node-based many-to-many tree system.

- Rich Text-based one-pane organizer solution
- Calendar, Tickler, Task-based system
- Address Book
- Note Taking
- GTD solution with no compromises!
- Graphical node-based editor for visualization.

Polywick Story Server

Welcome and thanks for using the announce forum, from screenshot Polywick is something I (and I suspect others here) would be interested in trying. How about a link? :)


It's coming soon. Will update later.


Oh look! Those columns on the yellow note-sheet in the image...
That looks very interesting to me ... like a PIM; like Lotus Agenda.
The only seemingly relevant reference on the 'net that I could find to it was a Twitter presence:
 - but that wasn't about a "story" server (which seems to be a story-writing/development tool - e.g., as included in Scrivener).

Why would they set up an account just to prematurely announce it on DC Forum?


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