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Slimjet - the web browser - some experiential Tips & Tricks.


Opening post (summary):
Originally started:2018-08-16Last updated:2018-11-26
Slimjet is a "fork" - a chrome-based browser.


* Google Chrome Web Store (for all current extensions).
* Bad Ad Johnny (see .CRX installer file and FAQ .PDF file, attached below) an excellent/better alternative to the built-in Slimjet Ad-blocker.
Note: BAJ was withdrawn from Google Store, but still worked fine in Slimjet as at 2018-08-16), however it was apparently deleted from Slimjet and from the Sync (what a ruddy cheek!) by the installation of Slimjet v21.0.2 (2018-11-23) - sjt7z_x86 (Portable).exe.
No matter, BAJ was easily reinstalled using the .CRX installer file, and kept its rather informative log history of number/type of ads blocked.


* Comparison with other web browsers (on website).
* References to Slimjet in DC Forum.

I started this thread as an attempt to capture and collate user feedback on Slimjet, for general use for DC Forum members. A search for references in comments about Slimjet, in the DC Forum, cover about 2 pages worth of related but scattered links (use the search link in the OP to see the latest list).

My motivation for using Slimjet:
Regarding SlimJet:

I wouldn't have even tried it due to all of the "Engrish" on the website if not for the seeming recommendation from multiple folks in this thread.

For a browser that prides itself in automatically stopping tracking and blocking ads, it sure comes with a lot of built-in ads and other prompts to get you to use their referral links and things. :down:

It also wants me to "sign into SlimJet" which as far as I can tell is just signing into my Google Account, which means Google can still track everything I do, but also perhaps SlimJet can as well.

I don't trust it. It seems shady to me. Uninstalled.
-Deozaan (September 03, 2016, 04:43 PM)
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@Deozaan: Well, having made the initial investment of your time, you should perhaps have persevered and experimented a little longer before throwing in the towel, and then you might have realised some good returns - as I did, in fact.
I had similar thoughts to you, but persevered and banged in all the extensions that I felt I needed (minus the AdBlock one), taking a suck-it-and-see approach and half-expecting to break the camel's back, but no, the adverts simply never occur and the thing's performance seems just fine - very good in fact. I have some minor criticisms of the software, but I am pretty sure that those will be sorted in due course. Even my 6 y/o son prefers Slimjet now - the acid test.

Conversely, as a FF die-hard and after a great deal of perseverance on my part, and in the continuing hope that things would improve, I had to face up to the reality that Mozilla had pretty much conclusively demonstrated to any sighted observer that they were not going to cease screwing up or killing their formerly excellent Firefox product, and so I reluctantly voted with my feet.

As in a lot of major changes that one sometimes makes in one's life, one wonders afterwards "Now why didn't I do that earlier?"
-IainB (September 03, 2016, 06:24 PM)
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* latest Slimjet (Chrome-based) browser <-- superb with display control NoSquint Plus extension,...
The reasons that I settled on BazQux Reader (in Slimjet) were mainly:

* (a) Performance: BazQux emulates and surpasses the excellent Google Reader service that I used and that Google killed off (Curse you, Google!   >:(  ), and
* (b) Ergonomics: I have a couple of peculiar eyesight problems and need to wear spectacles. To enhance/adjust the perceptual/visual and reading experience in  Slimjet, there is a Chrome browser extension that provides a simple and superb display control NoSquint Plus-IainB (April 19, 2018, 01:31 PM)
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The Chrome extension Bad Ad Johnny is no longer available in the chrome web store, but it works just fine as at 2018-08-16. It is an excellent/better alternative to the default built-in Slimjet Ad-blocker extension.
The BAJ extension installer is in the attached file (below).
Once BAJ has been installed, Slimjet persists in disabling it as a PUP, or something, but that behaviour can be changed in the settings.
-IainB (August 15, 2018, 02:59 PM)
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NB: BAJ installer file is also attached to the foot of the OP in this discussion thread.


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