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Story of the development of the famous Goldeneye 007 videogame

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Sounds like the DonationCoder forum needs to be expanded with a new board: Nostalgia

Sure love the images shared, the good old days...

I used to go to more formally organized ones.  I haven't been since Digital Overload ( closed up shop.  I used to go to one that was held at dragon*con too, but after they got larger, it was more corporate sponsored (read not-BYOC) instead of grassroots.  PAX East does seem to have a place for BYOC, so I was thinking about trying there, but more likely to go to PAX unplugged.

All we had (middle of 1990) was a lousy Pc acting as Server connected over 16port switch running Linux Bash.-KodeZwerg (August 26, 2018, 10:56 AM)
--- End quote ---

Hahaha...don't feel so bad.  My first LAN party, such as it was, was myself, my brother, and two friends, in my living room with an eight port hub, i.e., it wasn't even a switch!.  This was back in the dial-up days so to be able to play our favourite multiplayer games, without any lag, it was a life-altering experience at the time.


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