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Do Not Buy a Smartwatch Right Now

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On September 10, Qualcomm is hosting an event in San Francisco where they will announce a new wearable chipset that will more than likely be in all future Wear OS watches. This new chipset is said to be built from the ground up, will allow watches to look pretty when you aren’t using them (like a normal watch sitting idly by your side), and extend battery life.” More importantly, Qualcomm is betting that this Snapdragon Wear chip will “significantly change the Wear OS ecosystem, what you expect from a smartwatch.”

If you buy a smartwatch today, before Qualcomm announces this chip, you will be stuck with a 2+ year old Snapdragon Wear 2100 chip. All of the new Wear OS watches that have been announced recently, use that chip. It’s old. It’s never been great. And it’s about to be replaced by something potentially game-changing for smartwatches...

While there is no sure bet when it comes to a Wear OS revival, this is the most exciting watch-related happening we’ve had on Android in years. Do not buy a smartwatch today or next week or the following week. Wait until we see what Qualcomm has in store.

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I'm still relying on my trusty Pebble. Nobody has come anywhere near making a better "smart" watch imo.

My watch isn't even smart enough to have a battery, much less a Snapdragon of any sort.  I have to wind it each morning.  All it does is tell me what time it is (+/- a minute or so), and what the date is.  And that's pretty much all I want my watch to do.

So the title of the article should be "Do not buy a Wear OS smartwatch right now"

I now have a AmazFit BIP - GPS, barometer, compass, accelerometer, notifications, heart rate, steps, transflective display, etc ... and a 30+ day battery life.

For ~US$60 I paid, I don't think there's anything comparable with the same features especially the battery life.


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