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Where is Win 10 hiding background pictures?

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It turns out I originally created the wallpaper using IrfanView,
so now C:\Users\Curt\AppData\Roaming\IrfanView\  was the place to delete the offending picture (the entire IrfanView folder).

-thank you, KodeZwerg!  :up:

You are welcome!

A search in Everything of C:\ \wallpaper (type "Picture") could turn up quite a lot of the older/"legacy" Windows wallpaper images. Many might well have the Bing watermark.

... delete the offending picture (the entire IrfanView folder).
-Curt (August 14, 2018, 02:51 PM)
--- End quote ---


It takes a long time to do the IrfanView settings AGAIN. So deleting the entire folder was a stupid idea.  :(

You can use irfanview just fine in "portable mode". For years I use an archive from the irfanview folder on every computer in my control. Always worked from Windows XP till Windows 10, including the Server editions. Now I do not use/store settings with it, but you could try to store yours in the irfanview folder itself. Create a new archive from that folder and store that archive in a safe place. When you need it again, just extract the archive in the desired location and you can continue working as if nothing happened within a few seconds.

My personal software repository for portable apps is almost 12GByte in size and consists of tools that were made available as portable app by their creators or made portable by myself, using a piece of software called: Cameo.

Doing things this way, it is possible for me to rebuild a Windows system from scratch in about 2 hours (with spinning disk HD's), barely any other configuration required. 


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