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Feature Request: IP Info for URL Snooper


Feature Request: IP Info for URL Snooper

If you have time to implement in the Context Menu of URLs a "Show IP Info" resulting in a tiny Window showing some lines of text, that would be nice. offers a free web-api to fullfill such request. One of many, theres api-documention that explain all.

I could provide working Delphi Code if it helps to see what i miss.
If you do not like that idea it is okay aswell.

Thanks in advance. :Thmbsup:

Here is some Demo Code to show you what i like to have as a result. I commented things a bit to understand what i do.

--- Code: Delphi ---uses WinInet; // here i define a record to hold informationtype  ApiResults = record    Status: UTF8String;    Country: UTF8String;    CountryCode: UTF8String;    RegionState: UTF8String;    RegionName: UTF8String;    City: UTF8String;    Zip: UTF8String;    Latitude: UTF8String;    Longitude: UTF8String;    CityTimeZone: UTF8String;    ISP: UTF8String;    Organization: UTF8String;    NumberName: UTF8String;    DNS: UTF8String;    MobileConnection: UTF8String;    ProxyConnection: UTF8String;    QueryIP: UTF8String;    ErrorMessage: UTF8String;  end; // this is an api function call to perform GET, optimized to handle ASCII or UNICODE datafunction GetUrlContentData(const Url: string): UTF8String;var  NetHandle: HINTERNET;  UrlHandle: HINTERNET;  Buffer: array[0..1023] of byte;  BytesRead: dWord;  StrBuffer: UTF8String;begin  Result := '';  NetHandle := InternetOpen('Delphi 2009', INTERNET_OPEN_TYPE_PRECONFIG, nil, nil, 0);  if Assigned(NetHandle) then    try      UrlHandle := InternetOpenUrl(NetHandle, PChar(Url), nil, 0, INTERNET_FLAG_RELOAD, 0);      if Assigned(UrlHandle) then        try          repeat            InternetReadFile(UrlHandle, @Buffer, SizeOf(Buffer), BytesRead);            SetString(StrBuffer, PAnsiChar(@Buffer[0]), BytesRead);            Result := Result + StrBuffer;          until BytesRead = 0;        finally          InternetCloseHandle(UrlHandle);        end      else        raise Exception.CreateFmt('Cannot open URL %s', [Url]);    finally      InternetCloseHandle(NetHandle);    end  else    raise Exception.Create('Unable to initialize Wininet');end; // in here the main work is done, input will be splitted up to prior defined fields of recordfunction GetUrlContent(const Url: string): ApiResults;var  tmp: UTF8String;  sl: TStrings;begin// api offers XML and other stuff, but LINE needs no anything, just a stringlist :)// by manual calling desired fields you get more informations, so i add them all in here  tmp := GetUrlContentData(Url+'?fields=status,country,countryCode,region,regionName,city,zip,lat,lon,timezone,isp,org,as,reverse,mobile,proxy,query,message');// the field "reverse" aka DNS-resolver consumes most of inet time, you may add option on/off for this feature  try    sl := TStringList.Create;    sl.Text := tmp;// by reading api i figured out how results could be// first received line will be "status", so i add it to its proper record field    Result.Status := sl[0];// now i compare if "status" contain "fail" to set up later received lines correct// feel free to use it as template    if Pos('fail', LowerCase(Result.Status)) > 0 then      begin        Result.ErrorMessage := sl[1];        Result.QueryIP := sl[2];      end      else      begin        Result.Country := sl[1];        Result.CountryCode := sl[2];        Result.RegionState := sl[3];        Result.RegionName := sl[4];        Result.City := sl[5];        Result.Zip := sl[6];        Result.Latitude := sl[7];        Result.Longitude := sl[8];        Result.CityTimeZone := sl[9];        Result.ISP := sl[10];        Result.Organization := sl[11];        Result.NumberName := sl[12];// the field "reverse" aka DNS-resolver consumes most of inet time, you may add option on/off for this feature        Result.DNS := sl[13];        Result.MobileConnection := sl[14];        Result.ProxyConnection := sl[15];        Result.QueryIP := sl[16];      end;  finally    sl.Free;    tmp := '';  end;end; // here comes what GUI performprocedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);var// in here all results are local stored  ThisLines: ApiResults;begin// after reading api, i choosed smallest method to perform the GET and qualify results, the LINE variant// replace the second '' with target IP/Domain, this is just example  ThisLines := GetUrlContent('' + '');// Memo1 is a Delphi Control to draw text  Memo1.Lines.Add('Status: '+ThisLines.Status);// determine what record type we have, "fail" or "success"  if Pos('fail', LowerCase(ThisLines.Status)) > 0 then   begin     Memo1.Lines.Add('ErrorMessage: '+ThisLines.ErrorMessage);     Memo1.Lines.Add('QueryIP: '+ThisLines.QueryIP);   end   else   begin     Memo1.Lines.Add('Country: '+ThisLines.Country);     Memo1.Lines.Add('CountryCode: '+ThisLines.CountryCode);     Memo1.Lines.Add('RegionState: '+ThisLines.RegionState);     Memo1.Lines.Add('RegionName: '+ThisLines.RegionName);     Memo1.Lines.Add('City: '+ThisLines.City);     Memo1.Lines.Add('Zip: '+ThisLines.Zip);     Memo1.Lines.Add('Latitude: '+ThisLines.Latitude);     Memo1.Lines.Add('Longitude: '+ThisLines.Longitude);     Memo1.Lines.Add('CityTimeZone: '+ThisLines.CityTimeZone);     Memo1.Lines.Add('ISP: '+ThisLines.ISP);     Memo1.Lines.Add('Organization: '+ThisLines.Organization);     Memo1.Lines.Add('NumberName: '+ThisLines.NumberName);     Memo1.Lines.Add('DNS: '+ThisLines.DNS);     Memo1.Lines.Add('MobileConnection: '+ThisLines.MobileConnection);     Memo1.Lines.Add('ProxyConnection: '+ThisLines.ProxyConnection);     Memo1.Lines.Add('QueryIP: '+ThisLines.QueryIP);   end;end;

*push up in hope of any answer*

Seems like it would be pretty easy to do.. I could add it.. I wonder if it would be better to have it show the info in a pop up, or have a right-click context menu item to open a web page for the ip address at a site like  Thoughts?

In my own creations i pop up a Window wich just have one EditBox (readonly/to Copy things to Clipboard) inside, for myself i prefer it that way instead of loading any Huge WebBrowser.

But hey, why not SubMenu to offer both?  Just my little opinion. For myself, i would use the editbox popup.

Thanks in advance!

Or a Two-In-One Thing, get Info from site, if Status = "false" offer to open in browser else popup Window?


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