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Wanted: Android app to transfer new pictures from card reader

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I'm trying to set up my dad with a way to back up his camera SD card to his new android tablet. I'm doing some testing on my tablet first.

The procedure is pretty straightforward (for me). I use Total Commander to navigate to the usb (OTG) card-reader device, select the desired files, copy/paste to a local directory.

This is not going to work for my dad. He's used to Picasa which magically opens when he inserts a card, offers to transfer new pictures (no duplicates), and also imports them to his library. He doesn't know (nor care) where on the PC they're stored.

So I'm looking for either

* A photo-editing program for android which incorporates import-from-USB, or
* A small utility which copies files without much fuss, selecting only new pictures/videos automatically.
As usual there are hundreds, if not thousands, of apps in the Play store which have names relating to what I want, but the dozen or so most promising all failed to achieve this.

I'm also looking into creating some sort of TotalCommander macro which may help, but a dedicated app would be better.


What's wrong with Picasa? Did it stop working? As far as I know you can still use it if you can find a download for it.

But assuming Picasa is no longer an option:

Dropbox can automatically sync photos and videos from your Android device to a folder on your PC. No need to even physically connect to two devices together. Then you can move them to a more permanent storage location so as to not use up all of your free Dropbox cloud storage.

You could perhaps combine Dropbox with a TotalCommander macro which will move the files from Dropbox to his image/video library every few days.

Picasa is for PC, I'm looking for Android. He still uses Picasa.

I'm interested in getting pictures from a SD card onto an android tablet.


Ah, right. I misunderstood and thought he wanted the photos/images off the Android device onto his PC. Sorry.

Most want to go the other way, Android -> SD Card, but you can try an automation app like:
Tasker (not free) - has an SD Card mount/unmounted event
Automate (free has IAPs but no ads) - has a storage mounted event

There may be others that have a suitable event which you can use to either execute a command within the app or has a plugin to allow it to control another app, (eg. file manager).


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