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Updating my Android Apps

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Another thing I am now improving is the View menu, to make it easier to see from the menu which quick-toggle options you currently have enabled (view hidden, view revise buttons, sort order).

All of my apps are built with the same basic framework for managing large numbers of custom "items".. I hope one day I will think of an actually novel app idea that can take advantage of the framework.  Or if someone has a business app idea that could be built on top of it, please do contact me.   :D

I'm considering, though I know this is part of my option-overload tendencies, to make it so there are actually TWO font scale override settings, one for landscape mode and one for portrait mode.
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Implemented; will be in next releases.  It's a bit of overkill, but for those who want to customize fonts to make a view look good, it helps to be able to set these values differently.

While we are on the subject of G preferring ads in apps, this one takes the cake, I think.
Nothing in particular to any app or developer, so I have tried to remove identity.

Updating my Android Apps



Yes, but it doesn't block their ads, as their ads are not annoying pop-up ads that interfere with a clear and clean browsing experience.  Besides.  They don't want the competition.  ;D :huh: :-\


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