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Updating my Android Apps

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It's been a while since I worked on my Android Apps.. I'm just updating them now to work with the latest version of Android Studio, and I think what I'd like to do next is add an option where you can scale the font text easily.
For some of my apps (I'm thinking ScoreTracker in particular), being able to go easily into a large font mode would make all the difference.

You can find all of my apps here:

Ok I've finished updating my android apps, to allow a custom font scaling option in preferences.  For some apps it's not particularly useful, but for others it could definitely be useful.
Now I have to remember how to publish beta versions on the play store, and ask for some beta testers to try out the new versions.

I logged into google play store today to find half of my apps had been removed from the google play store recently, because apparently i failed to log in and check a box for them saying that they were not "primarily marketed to children".

Apologies to anyone who had any issues with their install of one of these apps, I', fixing it now.

And now half of my apps are rejected for "Issue: Violation of Payments policy : Apps that employ in-store or in-app purchases must comply with the following guideline..." even though there are no in-store or in-app purchases, or anything even close, and these are just pure free full functioning apps without any way to pay or upgrade, etc.

Sigh.. And getting human help from google is an ordeal and a half...

In the world we live in, one does not argue with Google -- you might as well try arguing with a mountain.

The voice of google god has now informed me that the following text is offensive to them and in violation of the google play store and is not allowed in my app descriptions, for my totally free apps that I make no money from:

"This app is completely free of ads, purchases, bundled software, etc.  It collects no personal or anonymous information and sends no information to our servers. It does what it says it does and nothing more (the file and network permissions required are only for import/export/sync functions).

Please show your appreciation for this app and support its development by donating at"

Asking for donations to support out work is forbidden.  We can charge for the app, but we are not allowed to ask people who like our work to consider making a donation to our website.

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