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Last used clipboard item at first position



I have a question. Would it be possible to add an option into Clipboard Help+Spell?
In the actual configuration everything you copy will add to the list of the copied items, that is fine, but when I use an item it won't change its position. So this item will after some time leave the list and will only be available in the "archive".

Why I ask? I try to explain, so that you can understand what is the purpose of it.

You are working with several documents and forms. Most things are different, but one or two items you need to fill in the form stay the same.
Now when you copy everything these items you need the whole time again and again will leave the list of last copied items. But you need them and getting them out of the "archive" is very complicated in comparison. So I copy these items once more so they will get back to the top of the list until they've left again and the I copy them again.
I an item, that I insert would go to the top, that would have the adavantages.

First - Items I need again and again will stay in the list until I don't use them anymore
Second - The first entry in the list is always what is in the clipboard (with the exception of password, etc. copied from passwordsafers).

I hope you understand what I mean. You could make an option for it, so users doesn't need to relearn and just activate it, when they need it.

Hi Loeffel.

I can see the value in this -- let me figure out the best way to do it as an option.  There are a couple of ways it could be done, I just have to decide on the best one.


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