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Et Tu, CCleaner!

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4wd: "Wouldn't it be a lot less complicated, (and cheaper), to have the browser delete cookies when it's closed, (ie. they all become session cookies) ?"

Hence my question above; unfortunately, the traditional FF add-in having brilliantly done exactly that not working anymore beyond FF 56 (or whatever the exact version number was).

-ital2 (December 26, 2018, 08:12 AM)
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Firefox provides an option  to delete all cookies when the browser is closed (Options/Privacy & Security/Cookies and Site Data/Keep Until...Firefox is closed).

A more flexible solution is to leave the setting at the default "...Until they expire" and use a cookie whitelist extension to determine which ones to keep or delete.  Two such extensions that work well for me are "Cookie AutoDelete" and "Forget Me Not," both of which are compatible with current Firefox versions.

4wd was being ironic.

4wd was being ironic.
-Curt (December 27, 2018, 04:05 PM)
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No doubt, but ital2 was not.

That's who the info was directed at, although others may find it useful too.

For deleting cookies as I go, in Slimjet (Chrome) I use Cookie AutoDelete.
The info page says that:
"During this session, Cookie AutoDelete has deleted 237 cookies and in total 32497 cookies."
It "Auto-deletes unused cookies from your closed tabs while keeping the ones you want." and is apparently based on

I recall that when I used Firefox (before Mozilla destroyed it for me), I had a useful cookie-killer that deleted newly-arrived cookies after a pre-set time interval (10 seconds or so), even if the tab was still open. You could tell it to leave cookies from selected websites alone. The advantage was that those websites that forced you to accept their cookies, or objected if you wouldn't accept their cookies, were none the wiser when their cookies were subsequently individually deleted, and it kept the place really tidy.


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