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Et Tu, CCleaner!

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CCleaner 5.45 has been pulled from distribution after a firestorm of criticism last week when users reported that the new version was collecting usage data and sending it back to Piriform.

Martin Brinkmann has a detailed report on the new "features" on ghacks and bluntly advises against installing this version.

This is the second major security SNAFU since Piriform was acquired by Avast.

As a long time user of CCleaner, I now feel it's time to look for a replacement.


Considering it has continued to try and access the net since v5.35, (Sept 2017), despite being told not to, why is this a surprise?

Yeah, I have been a user of CCleaner for a long time now, but it's been getting to the point where I'm very cautious when I download and install it to make sure it's not installing adware, etc.

Looks like they've rolled back to 5.44.6577.  :-[

System Ninja is an alternative. But keep in mind that it is more aggressive in cleaning up. While I myself have not experienced any troubles with it, others have. Or, at least they claim to have.

Then again, I must add that 90% of all the tools that I use are "portable". Most of the tools that do not have such a mode as an option, can either be gotten from sites such as or winpenpack. and if you strike out there, you can use a tool like 'Cameo' to create a (semi-)portable version of the tool.

CCleaner won't be able to affect the workings of such applications and the same is true for System Ninja. All of the above is mentioned just to clarify that results may vary on your system.

On topic:
At least it is still nice to read that companies still listen to the reactions of their users.


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