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T-Clock's uptime format

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Steve Bunnell:
Dear Sir,
  First I would like to thank you for keeping up this program, it's a great program and I appreciate your efforts. Second - I display it like is shown in the attachment, but for the last 3 or 4 versions the System-Uptime sometimes works crazy - I can start it up in the morning (after the computer has been off all night) and I get all sorts of values for the System-Uptime --- once I got 125 hrs. when it should have been zero --- could you tell me please how to fix this?
 Once again thank you for your work on this handy program!
Steve Bunnell

what's your OS?

Steve Bunnell:
my OS is Windows 10

hmm... I guess it's 64bit, right?
What's the exact format string you're using?

Steve Bunnell:
Sorry... yes is 64bit, 16tb memory



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