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capture two screens in one

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Yes, as @mouser suggests, you could put them side-by-side as a single image, as here, using various software, including ScreenshotCaptor (though I did this using MS OneNote by putting them into a Table and saving the Table as an image):

Or you could pack them both sequentially into a single .TIF file, as the one below, which I did using irfanview (.a TIF file can contain multiple images):
NB: This latter file cannot display correctly in the DC Forum. I saved it with a .PNG extension, as the DC Forum is apparently unable to handle .TIF image files for upload. If you download it and rename the extension back to .TIF it should work OK. If you try to open it with Irfanview, then Irfanview will tell you that it is a mis-named .TIF file and ask you whether you want to rename it).


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