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N.A.N.Y. 2019: logpad for Vim and GNU Emacs


Just throwing together my other 2019 applications before writing new ones...

NANY 2019 Entry Information
Application Name logpad Short Description Writing a journal with Vim and GNU Emacs. Supported OSes Any which have Vim or GNU Emacs. Web Page Download Link Vim script, GNU Emacs plugin. System Requirements
* logpad.vim: Vim.
* logpad.el: GNU Emacs.Author me (both)
logpad simulates the Windows Notepad logging behavior by automatically inserting the current timestamp on top of a file which starts with ".LOG".

- Automatically creates a journal for you.



- logpad.vim: Download the script file and load it with your preferred package manager (or manually).
- logpad.el: Download logpad via MELPA and start logpad-mode: M-x logpad-mode.

Using the Application
All you need is logpad (or Notepad  ;D) and a file that starts with ".LOG". Everything else is automagic.

Known Issues
The GNU Emacs variant could be more flexible.


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