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NANY 2019 - Shiloh Feeding Metrics Panel (Released)


NANY 2019 Entry Information
Application NameShiloh Feeding Metrics PanelVersion0.95Short DescriptionAn application for recording metrics from Per Os feeding sessionsSupported OSesWindows OnlyWeb PageThis OneDownloadAttached to this postSystem Requirements64-bit currentlyVersion Historyv0.95 -- initial public release
A panel used for quickly recording metrics and volumes from Per Os feedings.

Recording Panel:
NANY 2019 - Shiloh Feeding Metrics Panel (Released)

This metrics tool is one I've been using/refining for the past year in tracking food intake (mainly purees) during the process of feeding for Per Os Feeding with positive reinforcement protocol as my daughter has been getting back in the swing of eating normal food again after a lengthy hospital stay, getting over an oral aversion, strengthening her swallow, and working on eating increased volumes.

I don't expect this will be a 'big hit' with the typical DC audience (since it's kinda a niche need), but it has helped my family maintain our sanity and see her progress. I've had some feeding therapists comment on how they'd love to use this tool, and maybe it'll help out some others too.

Note that this program does not provide medical advice, you should consult your pediatrician when starting any feeding protocol. This program merely provides a means for recording data from feeding sessions.

Quick recording of feeding metrics
Resize button for Netflix/Amazon/YouTube Video windows so that they use the maximum remaining space

Unzip the zip file.

Using the Application
Open the exe file to launch the application
On the initial run of the application, a few configuration prompts will help you set up the application for easy recording. This includes setting up the save directory for metrics information, and specifying the names and initials of each individual person who will be performing the feeding sessions.

Once the application has been configured, quick start instructions are available within the application to provide a step-by-step understanding of how to record the data from feeding sessions. This includes: setting the menu of items that are being fed, recording starting weights (in grams), and recording finishing weights (in grams). Once finishing weights have been recorded, the panel will automatically calculate the volumes of each item that were consumed. In addition, a notes field is available to record any relevant data about how the session went.

Delete the unzipped folder.

Known Issues

* None known
Future Improvements

* Addition of metrics analysis (best foods, average volumes, show who is the best feeder)
* CSV / PDF printout to send to RDN

This program seems to me a professional and useful tool for feeding.

NANY 2019 - Shiloh Feeding Metrics Panel (Released)


Does this work for Windows 10?
I don't need all the weights, but I kinda have to nudge myself to eat a bit, and it could be fun to tinker with.
But I can't get most of the program to load!
I see the panel on the left side, but no more, and it won't let me put any data in. :(


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