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Check your browser before accessing the Donation Coder site??

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The other thing to say is that this is only a temporary measure.. we should be back to normally shortly.

Thanks to all who replied.  A few minutes ago, I logged in on my tablet and got the same screen. I took a screenshot, so now I can see what it said:
"Checking your browser before accessing" In smaller font underneath this was "This process is automatic. Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly. Please allow up to 5 seconds."  Below that is what appears to be a link that says "DDoS protection by Cloudflare" and then some kind of long ID #. When this happened the first time (on my computer), I feared that the process might be malware, but having read the responses here and having a chance to look at what's actually being said in the large box, I see I panicked needlessly. But I guess that's the best kind of panic  ;) .

Another heads up is to make sure you copy to the clipboard your posts before you submit them, in case cloudflare does it's thing and loses your post after you submit it.

Thanks, mouser, for this useful suggestion. I tend not to be worried about losing what I have written, since on my computer I have an old but invaluable add-on called Lazarus. It will let me retrieve anything I have written while using my browser. That includes forum messages, Gmail messages, etc. But I don't have anything like that on my Android tablet or phone, so I very much appreciate your suggestion.  (I n fact, I have just copied to the clipboard everything I have just written above.)

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So I can post now?


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