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DonationCoder website under ddos attack this morning

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I can't visit DC over Emacs now anymore, by the way.

After research from a tech site that got hit, it appears that someone paid about 40 euro's to have a stress test website attack several domains for a day.-Shades (July 27, 2018, 11:30 AM)
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You mean "stress test" website. They're really DDOS services calling themselves something innocuous sounding so they can claim to be providing a legitimate service. Kind of like how video game ROM sites claim to just be "backups" and not intended for piracy.

A heads up that you should make sure you copy to the clipboard your posts before you submit them during this time, in case cloudflare does it's thing and loses your post after you submit it.

A heads up that DC is still broken.

Are you going through a proxy via brazil, china, russia, or indonesia? Those countries had to be blocked (temporarily) as they are the source of the attack.


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