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DonationCoder website under ddos attack this morning

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I was able to read through rss feeds, thank GOD, but was unable to reply due to this stupid DDOS.

I do not think those posting spams tried to do this, as they have automated system to post spams wherever they get chance.
It looks more likely some one is intentionally attacking DC for educational / bragging / bored / paid etc. purpose. I hope they will eventually find some thing else more lucrative.

At least this gave us a wake up call on it.



The server admins found a bottleneck in our server config that was making us particularly vulnerable to being overloaded easily.. So let's see if the server is a bit more resiliant now.. No guarantees but let's see..

iptables & ddos-protection, a good information resource for actual things that happen here.
I hope you master soon this more than sad situation. Best wishes!

Interestingly enough, we had someone pop into the 24hr donationcoder chat channel yesterday who made a brief announcement that they had been "stress testing" the server and that there was no maliciousness directly explicitly at us, and were about to stop in 30 minutes, and then they left the channel.  Wasn't clear if they were going to stop for good or just in preparation for round 2.  But the attacks did stop after that, so it seems to have been legit.  Very strange experience, and I wish I had had a chance to ask them about their motivation and the tools involved -- it was quite impressive to see so much traffic coming in so fast from every corner of the globe (though I could do without seeing that again!).

Were you there at the time that they were?


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