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DonationCoder website under ddos attack this morning

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We've been under a denial of service attack this morning for the last couple of hours.
Server admins are working on hardening firewall and we have cloudflare engaged which should be slowing down attack (at the cost of an initial page load when you try to access dc).
Hopefully everything is working at the moment and this will be short lived.
Thank you for your patience!

Ah... I was wondering about that loading page.  Glad that you got it back up!  Who did we piss off, I wonder...

Any clue as to why it's happening - ransom, specifically targetting us, or being a collateral damage of colocation?

No idea.  :huh:

But just in case I sent out any pending non-expiring license key requests that had been in the queue for a few days :)

Thank you for informing us, i'd thought i got network connection errors today.
Since i am able to connect and read/write again, i hope you catched those "where is smiley for *nuke them*" ....

Thanks for hard work and never give up!!! Please!


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