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How to extract tree hierarchy in xml?

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You know that xml files are hierarchical, ie there is a top level attribute, then sub-attributes are indented and so on.

How can I copy the hierarchy, ie the upper level attributes of a selected attribute/line?

For example:


I want to select x2 and copy the hierarchy of it, ie the upper level attributes that x2 belongs to:

Any idea?


If this is something you're going to need often, you can look into XSLT - it lets you transform XML files in pretty flexibly ways.

It's pretty clunky to work with, though, so if you need a quick solution for a specific problem, there's probably easier ways.

Thanks, as for now, is there an XML reader that can extract the hierarchy tree of a specific line?

is there an XML reader that can extract the hierarchy tree of a specific line?
-kalos (July 30, 2018, 09:55 AM)
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I use Notepad++ with plug-ins "XML Tools" and "Npp XML Treeview". The XML Tools plug-in has a nice and quick formatting feature (Ctrl-Alt-Shift-B), XPath expression evaluation and it shows the path to the current node when pressing Ctrl-Alt-Shift-P. With the treeview plug-in you can see the structure of the xml nodes (but not the attributes), and quickly select a node.

If that doesn't suffice, there's always XML Copy Editor, an open source specialized XML editor with a lot of features, including XSLT and XPath support. I hardly use it but it does offer some features not easily available in Notepad++ with it's plug-ins.

You could also use an online one.


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