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N.A.N.Y. 2019: GDPR Blocking (PHP Edition)


Just throwing together my other 2019 applications before writing new ones...

NANY 2019 Entry Information
Application Name GDPR Blocking (PHP Edition)Short Description One of my usual social comments, this time concerning the GDPR and its consequences. Supported OSes Any, as long as we have PHP. Web Page Download Link The PHP snippet is available from the website. System Requirements
* PHP.Author Tuxman! Ha!
This is meant to be a free and easy alternative to the various GDPR blocking services which came over the world in 2018. It is a PHP snippet that blocks all visitors from EU IPs.


Your country does not want you to be here.

Integrate the snippet in your own PHP code.

Remove the snippet from your own PHP code.

Known issues
Does not catch proxies, of course.


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