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Search for software. Launcher for text, quick insertion of a text fragment

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Hello guys. An idea came. 100% such a mini application already exists for the tray. Search for software. Launcher for text, quick insertion of a text fragment, html code,email etc., for 2 clicks of the mouse . To call from the tray on the hotkey this software, and clicked on the desired block .. And inserted the text where the cursor .

Software is needed for Windows. Managers of the clipboard are not suitable. Too many mouse clicks. Something like TextExpander for MAC . . Desirable is easier and faster, the algorithm is such,
1) calling the window from the tray -
2) click my mouse on the desired block
3) Inserting automatically text (my saved template)
4) Profit

Have you seriously taken a look at mouser's Clipboard Help and Spell?

The power there lies in all the points mentioned on that page, but it does take a bit of time to get acquainted with. Be sure to study the help and demo video's.

Sorry my comment was wrong.

I think you're looking for a "text expander"...  lots of threads about these  on DC.  If you're used to TextExpander on a Mac, take a look at Breevy, because it can (they say, I don't have a Mac to test) import TextExpander snippets and sync both ways with Dropbox.

Some hotkey programs have such features, e.g. Comfort Keys,  A good free one is HotKeyP,


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