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Delphi for free? YES!! Delphi Community Edition is out!

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Download is avail there.

Delphi Community Edition is the next step for Embarcadero for hobby programmers or small companies like Startups.
Delphi Community Edition is similar to Delphi Tokyo 10.2.3 Professional. Read Limitations on website.
You even get Mobile Add-On for free (Android/iPhone development).

Have fun trying it out, before you develop something, read Embarcadero License Text!

So they figured out they should start this back up again, eh?

Up to some days ago the only free thing from Delphi was "Starter Edition" what is very crippled and beginners cant really learn since no sources are shipped with that edition.
Delphi CE is similar to Tokyo Professionial, here and there some license limitiations but product is full. (ie: you can develop for Win32/Win64/OSX/Linux/Android/iPhone)

Just FYI  :-\

Terms and Conditions:

•Licenses are valid for a one-year term

•This offer does not include any update subscription


License term lasts for one year (although once you have created a product you can still distribute it). Also your max income is limited to $5000, I would have to reread the license to see the parameters on that. As far as I'm concerned, I'd like to play with it but I would need a specific task I want to accomplish, and allocated time to work on it, before I even download it.


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