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How to close a Fortran DLL routine when exiting Visual Basic (front-end) program

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Over my head!!!  Guess I'll just leave it for someone else to work on.

Thanks for your efforts KodeZwerg and wraith808,

Last i can do:
If your dll is available somewhere and you have full headers to it, i could check-out with Delphi if error is in dll or your Application.

Yes it is downloadable from page.  It is the SpectrumSolvers app ... includes all source files.  The DLL is named PSDcalc_for.dll and once downloaded and installed, the DLL is found in the \od-tools\SpectrumSolvers directory.

Thanks your your efforts.
PS:  The app closes fine -unless- the DLL is executed.  If the DLL is executed, it hangs the app when trying to close the VB app.

PS:  The app closes fine -unless- the DLL is executed.  If the DLL is executed, it hangs the app when trying to close the VB app.
--- End quote ---
I apply download this evening, tomorrow i should be able to give you a statement.
I will debug and see what this dll does during execution. I will try rebuild your Post #1 to Delphi and see what happens.

I was bored @work, quick get your download, by reading the source (i just guess whats what in that language) things that i found remarkable:
good news, i figured out that dll is just one function. *hoorray*

in that function are many "write()" commands, i guess that you develop a console application then, right? for me it would be bad to call write() events from dll.
-Okay, now i know that it writes a file, sorry for that.

what i think is way critical, if it is a console dll, there are "call timer()" events, my very first idea = bad. (i should need information what that language means with "call timer()")
-Okay, no console App, sorry for that, i investigate that deeper.
-My stomach tells me that dll could hang in one of those many repeats and loops and for and goto things when you try to close calling application.
-If you are able to Thread it, i would thread that operation. A dll is not the best way to accomplish what you are doing.
-My suggestion would be: rewrite that dll method so you get as result whatever content you wish to write to file inside your VB App and apply the file-writing -stuff there. Most important would be something like a "i am ready" message/boolean/whatever that your VB need to wait for.

next i see alot of "Allocate()" commands but somehow no "De-Allocate()" or however its name should be.
-Sorry, now found some DeAllocate().


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