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Undocking MousersMediaBrowser??


Im trying out the automatic screenshotter and to be frank its fantastic.  Im using it as an aid memoir and it doing just what i needed. :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup:

Somehow   :tellme: I have triggered MousersMediaBrowser docking facility.  But I cannot get it undocked.

Can anybody point me to a solution Ive tried uninstalling and gone through a few keyboard combinations, all to no avail.

So any help greatly appreciated :D

I had the same exact problem with my own app -- stupid docking when it shouldn't be!  :mad: :mad: :mad:

I made a new version with a bunch of improvements and that behavior should be fixed.

I just uploaded it now, so download from official page and install over existing version, and let me know if it's fixed please!

Official web page:

Im trying out the automatic screenshotter and to be frank its fantastic
--- End quote ---
Oh I see you are using the Mousers Media Browser that comes with Automatic Screenshotter.

I think I already updated that one, but I can't remember if I released the latest Automatic Screenshotter as a beta or official..

Seems I released it as a beta, so I will push it to official now.

So you do NOT want to install the standalone Mousers Media Browser, but go grab the latest Automatic Screenshotter that I just uploaded -- then your Mousers Media Browser that is included should be fixed:

Let me know if it's fixed!

I'm glad to hear that Automatic Screenshotter is proving useful to you.  :up:


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