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Passwords for networking Win XP and 2000


Here's what I've got: a server running Win 2000, accessed by a number of machines running different flavours of Windows - 98, 2000, and now two machines running XP.  The 98 machines can get into the server just by double-clicking in Network Neighbourhood (and I'm not concerned with them at the moment), but the 2000 and XP machines need to enter a username and password.  No problem here, but it would be more convenient if this process could be automated, or even if XP would just remember the passwords.  I've mapped the server as a drive on each of the XP machines, but there's no option for remembering the password.  Anybody have any suggestions?

Add accounts on the XP machine that have the same login credentials as the XP machines then give those users permissions on the shared folders. If both XP machines are running as Administrator with no password, you're a bad person. ;)

- Oshyan

Or alternativly when mapping the drives selecting "Connect using a different user name" and using the user and pass to how its set up on the server. As long as reconnect at login is selected it should remeber the name and pass.


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