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More Ads in Windows 10

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Oh yeah, and I forgot about this one: A fresh Windows 10 install will start you with a notification telling you to download their authenticator mobile app, and also beg you to set up OneDrive instead of just uninstalling it right away.

More Ads in Windows 10

Thankfully Microsoft included a way to disable all notifications for specific apps, to prevent bad actors from spamming. Too bad Microsoft is one of said bad actors.  >:(

More Ads in Windows 10

There are various places you need to disable "suggestions" throughout a fresh Windows 10 install. The start menu, the lock screen, Windows Explorer, the notification area. Maybe more.

Oh... I got the one about authenticator.  It just appears in the sidebar though, so I just ignore it.  I love that I can send all the prior bubbles and notifications to the sidebar and just ignore them...

I've got Windows 10 Home on a Desktop at home, and I haven't seen any Ads, but then I run a bunch of heavy duty "Tweakers".

At work Windows 10 Enterprise has never shown any Ads (of course).
Also, the Enterprise Edition actually quite a good OS, whereas the Home Edition is a p.o.c.

I spend so much time trying to prevent "upgrades" getting installed at home that I'm planning on going back to Windows 7, even if it it means reformat and restore from an old backup.

This makes me question whether or not I really want to get myself too involved in Microsoft's ecosystem after all.-Deozaan (July 05, 2018, 03:54 PM)
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Don't. I have a feeling this is going to get even more ugly.

It's a damn shame, because in many ways, Win10 is the best OS that's out there - it's fast, it's stable compared to the shiny macOS, there's a lot of great under-the-hood security stuff baked in... but it's all fucked over by whatever department at Microsoft that believes embedding ads in the core OS is a good idea. That, and the telemetry you can't opt out of, and the forced updates and reboots that you can no longer control.

I'm seriously considering moving to Linux if they don't stop this crap, but there's a lot of stuff I'd miss from Windows :(

I love that I can send all the prior bubbles and notifications to the sidebar and just ignore them...-wraith808 (July 13, 2018, 03:37 PM)
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And just like being unable to specify where your icons appear on the Desktop it's an absolute PITA that you can't move it from the right hand side ... so I've just disabled all notifications.


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