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More Ads in Windows 10

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Lately I've been "buying in" to Microsoft's ecosystem more and more. And by that I mean instead of opening my browser and doing a search for the forecast, or using Google Maps, I'll just use the included Microsoft Weather or Maps apps. And I've also been more open to trying out (free) apps from the Windows Store, since the UWP platform is a lot better about being able to clean up everything when you uninstall something.

I've even considered importing my contacts, email, and calendar accounts into the respective Microsoft apps, but haven't quite gotten that far yet.

But then something like this happens:

More Ads in Windows 10

I opened the Weather app because it's getting really hot today and I wanted to know what to expect for the rest of the day and week, but I was greeted by an ad for Microsoft News.

This makes me question whether or not I really want to get myself too involved in Microsoft's ecosystem after all. And it also doesn't make any sense to me because Microsoft News comes installed by default on Windows 10. I had to manually uninstall it because I don't want it. They should know this. And yet they're still advertising it to me, trying to get me to install it again?

I guess it's because they're advertising the mobile app for iOS/Android. But still. It's like trying to heat up your food in a microwave, but before the door will open to allow you to put the food in, the microwave says, "Hey! Check out our cool new refrigerators!" (pun intended), and then a permanent button shows up on the microwave which you can press to hear "Hey! Check out our cool new refrigerators!" any time you want.


I found this in the Feedback Hub: Remove get news link on the left side bar.

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Not computer related but it makes me think of television promos that pimp the show you are currently watching.  Are they deliberately annoying or are these promos inserted by brain dead algorithms?  Somehow I suspect the former.    Grrrrr.

And this is part of software that you now have to pay for first?

If the operating system was still free, then I could imagine Microsoft wanting to recuperate their investments by showing ads in their OS and/or apps. Doing the same in software that is paid for, that is adding insult to injury imo. On the other hand, if you have a Windows 10 computer that for any reason is not activated, Microsoft should be showing you ads. Then they would recuperate funds with legal and illegal Windows 10 setups. If they would add the option to pay for getting rid of the ads, I would be much more understanding about this whole ordeal.

Next questions could be: Are these ads only part of Windows 10 Home editions? Are Windows 10 Enterprise editions and/or LTSB/LTSC editions free from this garbage?

The different versions explained in eloquent style:

ok, I will will hopefully clear this up, windows 10 home version is all about raping you and making money, windows 10 pro is all about omg we need to still sell shit to people that are’nt looking at porn and deciding icecream dates. windows 10 enterprise is all about we need to not fuck up our government contract that makes us ass loads of money. lol
--- End quote ---

@4wd: ^^    :D
Very droll. Probably spot-on too.


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