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Keep Getting Popup Nag Screen on Process Tamer


I keep getting a popup from my system tray that says "Increasing Process Priority" and under it "IMFCore.exe." This process is associated with IOBit Malware Fighter, and I have posted on the IOBit forum my concern with this nagging process. But I have closed the program and I DO NOT SEE IMFCore.exe listed in the list of processes in Process Tamer. What is going on? I cannot find this process in my list of processes on my Windows 7. What is going on? What does the message even mean?Keep Getting Popup Nag Screen on Process Tamer

Sorry for the delayed reply.
What it could mean is that that program is being launched, exiting, and re-launching, over and over again.  Each time with Process Tamer reducing its priority when it starts to use too much CPU and then putting it back to normal -- or else following any explicit rule you may have set about it.

The "solution" to the nag messages is to tell process tamer to ignore IMFCore.exe.

I appreciate this good advice. I will try doing what you suggest when I next launch the offending program, IObit Malware Fighter.


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