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ScreenshotCaptor (Link) in autostart

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@mouser: Are you talking to me?

Let me take a look at the startup code and see if I can see anything.
-mouser (June 27, 2018, 09:31 AM)
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@HelmutWe, (mouser is the software author) he's saying he will check out the Screenshot Captor code just in case the startup problem is its fault

As I could not find a better place for my suggestion although there is probably a better place I´ll post it here: I found out that ScreenshotCaptor remembers multiple hits of PrntScr. Like 10 times in a row within three seconds, which is a great feature anyway. The only drawback is that ScreenshotCaptor stops taking screenshots as soon as the screen didn´t change and displays an error message instead. Which happened only once, although I´m using ScreenshotCaptor a lot, maybe 1000 shots or more within four weeks.
I´d prefer ScreenshotCaptor to continue taking screenshots. Maybe add an error message to the screenshots, but not stopping.

What does the error message say?

As far as I remember, it says that a screenshot is not sufficiently different from the preceding one. Maybe doesn´t differ in a single pixel. To the best of my memory. The message surprised me too much to record it.


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