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Suggestion on ReChecking Priority


   Thank you for the great application. Just a little feature request. There are applications that change their priority when you get focus and then go back to lower priority when you lose focus. Nice to have a checkbox that make sure that priority will kept at the level you want, even it is changed by the application.

Welcome, Foghorn.

change their priority when you get focus and then go back to lower priority when you lose focus
--- End quote ---

This is the function of the "Boost Foreground Process to High Priority" option:

"Boost Foreground Process to High Priority - this is a somewhat controversial option which will automatically (temporarily) set the priority of the application you are currently using to high priority.  This should not normally be needed, as Microsoft Windows should give the current application plenty of CPU cycles, but it can be useful in odd cases where you want to devote more resources to whatever program you are currently using.  The process priority will be restored to normal when you switch to another application.  Note: The foreground process (currently active program) can still be tamed when this setting is enabled alone."

Thank you. There was a misunderstanding of the issue here. Let me try to explain it better.

I am not trying to boost the foreground application priority. I am trying to do the opposite. Boost the background application.

There are applications when you have focus on them, they automatically set priority to high but when they lose focus they set to low. So there priority keeps changing.

Tamer can sets their priority to high when they get launched but if the application internal code change the priority to low when in not in focus, Tamer does nothing about it. So basically I want tamer to make sure the application is at the priority that I set and not the priority the application sets. I hope that explains the issue better. In most cases these are background applications that I would like to have at a higher priority whether I have focus or not. 

Got it.. Let me give it some thought, I have some ideas..


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