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Automatic Screenshotter - auto delete options?

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Fantastic software but…
Despite my request to keep screen captures forever, for later archiving, images disappear after 7 days.
Any suggestion.
Or has the topic be addressed in the NANY 2016 forum

See the tab for "Capture Options" and look under "Screenshot Preservation" -- set those values higher.  I will add an option to disable that entire section soon.

I'll do that possibly to−morrow (it's almost midnight) and keep you posted
Many thanks.
Is there a way to view all screen captures without going from one day folder to the next one?

@JEANFR: I had that requirement as well. Solved it with xplorer² which lets you see the files in a folder and in all its subfolders as a virtual single flat file - i.e., as though they were in a single logical folder. Very useful for mass file operations.
Not a good idea to actually keep the files in a single logical folder though. Keeping the files in date-related folders helps for ease of reference and cataloguing and eliminates the problem of too many files (e.g., thousands) in a single folder - which latter tends to slow Explorer down when browsing a folder and then file management becomes very laggy.

For image-viewing and cataloguing/tagging, then consider Picasa, which doesn't seem to mind large numbers of files in a folder. Refer Google Picasa "Sunset" version - Mini-Review and anchor-point.

Is there a way to view all screen captures without going from one day folder to the next one?
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That is one of the goals of the Mouser's Media Browser image browser that is built into Automatic Screenshotter.. But it still could use some usability improvements.


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