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Automatic Screenshotter v1.17.01 - Jan 3, 2020

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Official release:

v1.16.1 - Dec 30, 2019

* [BugFix] Specification of maximum folder size for autodeletion could get confused with large values over several gb.
* [Improvement] New options to individually enable/disable different autodeletion criteria.
* [BugFix] Setting image quality to 1 in options resulted in error.
* [MinorFeature] Double-clicking on image thumbnail in main window will open the image in default image viewer.
* [Improvement] Improved logging and display of pruning delete events.
* [Improvement] Improved bundled version of Mouser's Media Browser.
* [BugFix] Screenshot save directory was not being listed in options tab.
* [BugFix] Compression level option was inverted.

v1.17.1 - Jan 3, 2020

* [Improvement] Better catching and display of errors (main screen will show last error if any)

Love the tool.  One issue that has become almost a show-stopper for me, however, is the fact that it always starts in paused-mode.  I want it to start taking screenshots as soon as it auto-starts with my computer. The auto-start works but it does so in paused mode.

Is there somehow a way to set it so it's not paused by default?

It should start up in the same state it was left.. Sometimes on reboot it can get confused.. Can you try turning on capture and exiting, and then starting the app again, and see if it starts capturing.
If not let me know and I will fix.

Thanks for your reply.  I tried precisely that - but to no avail - it does not preserve the last setting.  So kindly fix.


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