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Automatic Screenshotter v1.17.01 - Jan 3, 2020

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I'm new here, discovering superb tools like Automatic Screenshotter  :-*

I have noticed two issues / bugs that may be interesting to report :
- On File Saving settings, from 1 to 10, it is inverted. In other words, 10 will be lowest quality even if it is written the opposite (high quality low compression).
- Windows 10 notifications are still forced, even if I keep telling Windows to stop and even block notifications from this tool.

Hope this can contribute.

Sorry for the delayed reply.

I've uploaded a beta to address the compression quality settings being reversed, and to show the proper screenshot save directory in options:
Beta download of v1.13.01:

But can you clarify what Windows 10 notifications you are talking about?


Thank you for your reply.

About Windows 10 notifications, I noticed that every time I start this tool, I get a notification about his status, it is the same when it is set to autostart with windows, I'll get a notification about this tool start.
Even if I tell windows to block or stop notifications from this tool, I keep getting notifications from this tool and only from this tool.

Hope this helps to clarify (sorry if my English is approximate)

I could adda an option to not show messages I guess.

v1.14.1 - Dec 9, 2019

* [Improvement] Improved logging and display of pruning delete events.


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