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Switch between different search folders or pattern scoring lists hotkey


It would be much more simple to allow switching between different search folders or pattern scoring lists then to try to configure the perfect set of rules to get the results wanted. Ideally search folders and pattern scoring sets that work together.

Example, when I code, I don't want FARR to focus on the same folders then when I am doing general work.

If there is an obscure an simple way to achieve this, please advise :)

There is a way.  You can specify keyword "modifiers" in your search folders and scoring patterns.  Then when searching you can use +keywordmodifier to only trigger the directories and/or scoring patterns you care about.
You can then set a hotkey to bring up FARR with that +keywordmodifier already in place.

Does the modifier stay engaged once activated? I would prefer not having to enter the modifier every time.

No you have to add it to any search.  The easiest approach is to make a hotkey that shows FARR and adds the modifier automatically.

You could also make your own regular expression alias that added the modifiers using a dosearch command, so you could type for example "c blah blah" and have an alias trigger on the "c" and remap the search run as if it were "+modifier1 +modifier 2 blah blah".

It's an interesting idea to support the ability to set (and clear) a persistent modifier string.. Perhaps showing it in titlebar or something..

The hotkey auto modifier insert will probably meet my needs for the moment as I mainly use 1 set of search criterias and only want to search additional folders from time to time.



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