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Mini-documentary about tricking using loopholes in Mario Kart's video game


Mini-documentary about the race to conquer Mario Kart's Choco Mountain in seconds

It's amazing to see the dedication some people have to some small niches in the world -- in some ways it seems to me the best part of humanity..

Enjoy this surprisingly dramatic and gripping YouTube mini-documentary about one of gaming's strangest and most obsessive cults: racing around Mario Kart 64's Choco Mountain track. Thanks to glitchy shortcuts, racers winnowed times down to just a few seconds. But getting the trick right for all three laps of a time trial?

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I came across that video a couple weeks ago and have been watching others now and then from the same channel.

I'm not really into speedrunning games myself, but I have watched a few speedruns and find it interesting to get a crash course on the history of a particular game or exploit like this. :Thmbsup:

Ohhh man, Mario Kart..... I got a bunch of flashbacks from my childhood...


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