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Delphi / Windows 7 / ColorFonts like Emoji

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Does Delphi show the font in the list of fonts in the property editor?-wraith808 (June 20, 2018, 11:42 PM)
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In short, yes.

Some news update: I am now able to render the emojis correct but Color is missing, look: Delphi / Windows 7 / ColorFonts like Emoji
What i found out is that Font uses Vector-Data to fill painted parts, maby i get it somehow working.

More news, found out that FireFox uses own Library to render Fonts (cairo)..... I'm on it :-)

Just to be clear, I wasn't asking from an I don't know what Delphi is perspective, but from the perspective of someone that worked in it for years before jumping to C#, so I was just asking if it was in the list of fonts.  :-[

Just to be clear, I wasn't asking from an I don't know what Delphi is perspective, but from the perspective of someone that worked in it for years before jumping to C#, so I was just asking if it was in the list of fonts.  :-[
-wraith808 (June 21, 2018, 02:51 PM)
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I am sorry if my "In short, yes" reply was rude or did not satisfy. Please give me another chance to answer question more detailed.

Dear wraith808,
thank you for reading, your interest and try to help. Yes my Delphi show up the Emoji Font in Property Editor but cant handle its content correct.
Now i am able to do things with Font like Windows charmap.exe does. (limited/restricted to colorless mode only [black/white])

No offense taken :)  Just thought it might be good to give the perspective from which I was asking.  Are you using a standard text control to show it?

Also, if you that's what you're doing, you might try to draw the font on a TCanvas, and see how that turns out, i.e.

--- Code: Delphi ---procedure WriteTextOnImage(imgResult: TImage, strTextToOutput: string);var    bmpText: TBitmap;begin     bmpText:= TBitmap.Create;     try        bmpText.Canvas.Font := <FontName>        bmpText.Canvas.TextOut(X, Y, textToOutput);        imgResult.Picture.Assign(bmpText);     finally        FreeAndNil(bmpText);     end; end;
(Keep in mind, it's been many moons since I touched Delphi, so forgive any errors, but the theory should work)

Thank you wraith808, code looks after that many moons quit good! :up:
My bad, i should have written already what i've tried, i've used this method to do Bitmap thingy like you suggested.

--- Code: Delphi ---const   CHESS_WHITE_QUEEN = #$2654;   CHESS_WHITE_KING = #$2655;   CHESS_WHITE_ROOK = #$2656;   CHESS_WHITE_BISHOP = #$2657;   CHESS_WHITE_KNIGHT = #$2658;   CHESS_WHITE_PAWN = #$2659;    CHESS_BLACK_QUEEN = #$265A;   CHESS_BLACK_KING = #$265B;   CHESS_BLACK_ROOK = #$265C;   CHESS_BLACK_BISHOP = #$265D;   CHESS_BLACK_KNIGHT = #$265E;   CHESS_BLACK_PAWN = #$265F; function CharToBitmap(sFontName: String; c: WideChar; cBackColor, cFontColor, cOutlineColor: TColor;  OutlineSize: Integer; bmp: TBitmap): Boolean;var  r: TRect;  OtmSize: Integer;  pTm: POutlineTextMetric;  LogFont: TLogFont;begin  Result := False;   //destination rect  r := Rect(0, 0, bmp.Width, bmp.Height);   //set new font  bmp.Canvas.Font.Name := sFontName;  bmp.Canvas.Font.Style := [fsBold];  bmp.Canvas.Font.Size := 10;   //fill background  bmp.Canvas.Brush.color := cBackColor;  bmp.Canvas.FillRect(r);   //get font metrics  OtmSize := GetOutlineTextMetrics(bmp.Canvas.Handle, SizeOf(TOutlineTextMetric), nil);  if OtmSize > 0 then  begin    //reserve memory    GetMem(pTm, OtmSize);    try      pTm^.otmSize := OtmSize; //set size       if GetOutlineTextMetrics(bmp.Canvas.Handle, OtmSize, pTm) <> 0 then      begin        //fill whole height        bmp.Canvas.Font.Height := - bmp.Height;         BeginPath(bmp.Canvas.handle);         SetBKMode(bmp.Canvas.Handle, TRANSPARENT);         DrawTextW(bmp.canvas.handle, @c, 1, r, DT_SINGLELINE or          DT_CENTER or DT_VCENTER);         EndPath(bmp.Canvas.handle);        bmp.Canvas.Brush.color := cFontColor;        bmp.Canvas.pen.color := cOutlineColor;        bmp.Canvas.pen.width := OutlineSize;        StrokeAndFillPath(bmp.Canvas.Handle);         Result := True;      end;    finally      FreeMem(pTm);    end;  end;end; procedure TForm1.Button4Click(Sender: TObject);var  bmp: TBitmap;begin  bmp := TBitmap.create;  try    bmp.width := 100;    bmp.height := 100;    //white piece    CharToBitmap('Chess Merida Unicode', CHESS_WHITE_BISHOP,      clGreen,      clBlack,      clWhite,      bmp.height div 80,      bmp);  Image1.Picture.Assign(bmp);     //black piece    CharToBitmap('Chess Merida Unicode', CHESS_BLACK_KING,      clGreen,      clBlack,      clWhite,      bmp.height div 80,      bmp);     Image2.Picture.Assign(bmp);  finally    bmp.Free;  end;end;That code would grab a chess figure out of a font file and render it to a bitmap. Adopted to my Emoji problem it result in B/W images (if at all... somehow buggy)
I guess that what i want to do isnt that easy at all :'(
FireFox lead my way to his cairo library wich lead to GTK+ wich lead to more sub-stuff.
For Windows 8.1 i have working code that draws everything like it should be (utilizing Direct2D) but prior Windows Version simply ignore it. MSDN writes same about ColorFonts.


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