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program is running in super small window on XPS13

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For some reason the program works great on my main windows 10 machine, but when I  installed on my Dell XPS 13 laptop, the program is running in a window that is so small, I can't even read the print on the program. I have rebooted, but nothing has changed. Any ideas?

That's strange.. Can you elaborate a little bit -- do you mean you can make the window full size but the text is too small? Or do you mean the actual window is still tiny?

I have attached a pdf.  The entire program window is super small. I don't see a way to enlarge to full size of screen?

I have the 4k version of the xps 13 so it's running at 3200x1800 on a 13" screen..

First things first -- close the options and then click the square in the titlebar to maximize the screenshot captor window.
That won't help make the options dialog more readable, but at least it will make the main window better.

But even before you do that -- upgrade your version of Screenshot Captor!
Your screenshot shows you are using 4.12, and the current version is 4.29.  You are using a version that is like 3 years old.


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