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need advice to capture specific things...

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Hello there!
I havent figured out yet how to capture

1) when i hover mouse in an application over entries and that entry display a tooltip, how can i capture window that the shown tooltip is included?
On my Pc, as soon as i invoke hotkey to capture window the tooltip hides.
Using Coolbar would close tooltip because mouse isnt over entry anymore.
2) when i open a popup menu in an application, how can i capture window with shown popup menu, or just the popup menu if avail?
On my Pc, as soon as i invoke hotkey to capture window the popup menu hides.
Using Coolbar would close popup because i click mouse.

Any advice would be great!

The first thing to try might be to see if there are hotkeys you could use that wouldn't trigger the tooltip to dissappear.

Assuming that fails, a delayed capture might be what you need so that you can trigger the capture first and THEN move to show the tooltip.  I will soon be adding a hotkey for that but for now you have to enable and disable the delay from the right click menu (delay time can be set in options).

You do give me an idea though, for adding a new kind of capture more that would take a bunch of screenshots in close succession, every time screen changed.  That would let you capture a bunch of screenshots and only keep the one with the tooltip.

You could try using my Automatic Screenshotter for a similar effect now.   This would be especially useful if you had a bunch of tooltips you wanted to capture.  The idea would be to run it, and then just trigger the showing of the tooltips, letting ASR take a new screenshot every time the screen changed.  Then you could just go explore all the screenshots and copy the ones you want.

Thanks for tipps!
Accidently i figured out another method wich works very good, or better, it works perfect!
I do Screencapture whole screen, here a save-Dialog popup (in my configuration),
i do leftclick trayicon so main window appear, the power relies under the hood, and this one is mighty!
In my case it already has pre-selected my target window,
i click on crop to selection,
Sorry for asking i should have tried more first. (before i tried all combinations with grab window/grab region, no success)

And if you need an idea for a new feature, i hope that isnt included and i just did not found it, add something like a drag-crosshair that can be moved by mouse. Idea would be a feature that highlight any found [Control].[Handles]. I am bad at explaining but i hope it is understandable.
For example, dragging into a TotalCommander window would enable to grab region of control under mouse, like left or right files view.

Try the "Grab Windows Object" capture type.

In my case it already has pre-selected my target window,
--- End quote ---
Yes this is one of the reasons that SC tries to identify the active window even when capturing the full screen  :up:


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