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The irony of MS trying to trouble shoot internet connection


I was having trouble in connecting to the internet. Win10 offered to help me trouble shoot it. It diagonised and informed me that the modem had connection problem. It also gave me steps to try to fix it.

Further it offered to give more info. on "Why can't I connect to the internet ?". Clicking it, MS Edge informed "Can't reach this page."

The irony of MS trying to trouble shoot internet connection

How stupid the programmers at MS can be ??



I doubt it's the programmers.   :-\

You used the troubleshooter? From Windows? That feature has not helped me once in all the time I have been using Windows. Well, I must add that I don't even bother opening it anymore since Windows XP. It was dreadful then, and from the OP I gather that things haven't improved.

Stoic Joker:
Two things occur to me about this:
1. I'm totally with Shades on (personally) never using the troubleshooter.
2. Working in support...yes, most end users really do need to be told to (reboot...) do things that are that basic.


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