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How strange..  A few preliminary comments -- there is no reason you shouldn't be able to use Automatic Screenshotter along with other screenshot tools, including snipping tool or my own Screenshot Captor.

What version of Automatic Screenshotter do you have installed?  The latest is v1.08.01.

I cannot find a version number, but automaticscreenshotter (a shorter name would be an improvement too) was installed at June 11,2018 MEZ, central european time). I am impressed by the fact  of finding a real life person answering which caused me to make a second however small donation. I´m going to give screenshot captor a go.

Automatic Screenshotter is something I'd like to add more features to and work on more, so please do feel free to make feature requests and continue posting bug reports  :up:

One small hint: the " _as" at the end of a filename (01-07-03-21 _as.png) was confusing me for a while. Also the miniature icon was hard to find at first and it is still a bit difficult to reach by the mouse, as i´m playing GTA online races and have very little time to adjust automaticscreenshotter while racing.
I´d prefer a big icon like the ordinary office applications. A handful of sounds to chose from would be a fancy feature.
Also a simple stop indicator like "--------------------------" in the target directory was great when lots of files have been collected.
Thanks for your patience.

Screenshot captor: Where is the screenshots-folder?
(Screenshot not possible here?)
​I tried to place it or a link to it on my desktop, but can´t find a folder named screenshots.


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