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Freezing on >help >about

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Everything works just fine. But when trying to make a donation and I follow the instructions: Goto >help >about, the program freezes completely.

Huh which program, exactly?

Automaticscreenshotter. Great utility otherwise.  :Thmbsup:

Welcome to the forum, Helmut  :Thmbsup:

One oddity that sometimes happens (and seems to happen in my programs on some hard to predict occasions), is that a window like the about box gets hidden behind some other window, or even the main window.  And this can make the program appear as if it is hung, but really it's just that the window that wants focus is hidden somewhere.  Sometimes this can be solved by using alt+tab or just choosing the show the program window, etc.

I see automaticscreenshotter when using alt+tab, it stays always in the foreground. But no reaction to >help when clicked after starting the program from its icon on the desktop. When chosing >about from the miniature icon in the task bar nothing happens. Sticky Notes is running although. And I canĀ“t use Snipping Tool together with automaticscreenshotter, it seems.


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