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making a single .jpg from a web-page that is over one screen long

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Steven Avery:
Is this easy to do with one or more of the tools?

My normal screen capture is Win-Snap and Abbyy ScreenShot Reader.

I've used some others.  I simply want to make a jpg that shows the whole magilla.
The source web pages will usually be under two screen pages long.

Also if there is a way using a Windows and "-" key, or reducing in some way, that is an alternate.

Your suggestions?

Have you looked for extensions/addons for your browser that will do this -- they often the best solution.

Screenshot Captor does scrolling capture, is very good, (but this job appears to be problematic at times for all apps).
Was going to recommend mouser's series of videos related to SC but have no idea where they are -- mouser ! there's no links to those videos on SC's homepage?

FWIW Firefox's own screenshot tool does that well in my experience

Steven Avery:

So far I've tried Nimbus and Awesome Screenshot on Chrome. 

Some results here:

Awesome allows lots of tweaking.
Both seemed to want to make .PNG which do not get large easily like my .JPGs

I can simply cut and paste from the website into the forum, but then the double column loses the matching integrity.
I am leaving the examples on the page for now.

And I own SnagIt 7 - that might be a good try.

With you being a DC veteran, I'm a bit disappointedsurprised you haven't tried Screenshot Captor yet... (as already suggested above) :huh:


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