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ERAM (Open Source RAM Disk) Development

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3. I still think that there's more speed to get out of this driver when it works properly on a 64-bit OS.-Zero3K (June 26, 2016, 05:18 PM)
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You seem somewhat obsessed about this particular RamDisk - why? Even according to benchmark you attached, it doesn't seem to be anything special... and it has a nasty CPU spike (might be a glitch - the benchmark doesn't strike me as being particularly thorough).

For people to want to spend their time improving something, there has to be some motivation. The uncertain license status is a turn-off, and in general it just seems more worthwhile to contribute to something not dead, like ImDisk.
-f0dder (June 27, 2016, 12:07 PM)
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1. The benchmark is out of date. It might be faster now thanks to improvements in technology.
2. Its been a few months since its last update though.

2. Its been a few months since its last update though.
-Zero3K (June 27, 2016, 02:14 PM)
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Unless I'm mistaken, I'd daresay a few months is much better than the years since this ERAM code has been updated.

I agree. But still, its source is out there now for anyone to develop it further. Btw, anyone want to post their own benchmarks of it in order to see if its faster on a real machine?

Well, the supposed impossible happened. The developer of it responded to me. Here is the email he sent me:


It becomes late, excuse me.
* I can read English, I can't write English satisfactorily.
* A copyright of an original edition isn't given up.
* over4GB edition (f*ck edition) isn't my making, so a source isn't in hand.
* It's free to remodel the source code which is being exhibited into origin.
* It isn't GPL, so you aren't supposed to force source code openness.
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I managed to fix the BSODs thanks to the help of a member of Now I am getting some after removing the 4 GB limit and testing one that has a size of 6 GB. You can see the pull request with the changes I did by going to


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